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Solar Panel Cleaning

Congratulations on your efforts to go green. Solar panels are a great way to preserve the environment. However, if you don’t take time to clean them, you may ultimately be wasting your energy…30 percent of it anyway. That’s how much solar power production your panels can lose if they’re dirty, according to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. Living in Orange County you well know much dust our area has. Having your solar panel cleaned will allow you to benefit fully from the warm Orange County sun.


But as they say, knowledge is power, and at Miller Window Cleaning, we know just how to keep your solar panels spotless and ready to soak up the sun’s powerful rays, That’s because our experienced technicians pride themselves in providing expert cleaning services, from solar panel cleaning to windows, rain gutters, pressure washing and more.


It wold be easy to hose your solar panels off with hose water but that would be bad news. Why? The water that comes from the tap here in Orange County is very hard. So if one was to use it to clean your solar panels thay would gradually develop hard water deposits that would definitely cause problems. Using our pure water no such worries the water contains zero particles so when it is used to clean the panels nothing is left behind EXCEPT spotless shiny energy sucking solar panels. Just the way you like it.

  • ​​We pre-rinse and apply a specially designed solar panel cleaning solution
  • A final rinse and clean using pure water leaving no spots or dirty residue​​